Thursday, June 6, 2013

Keeping Pets Cool in Summer

As the fittingly named dog days of summer set in its time to think about how hard the heart can be on your pet. If you are suffering, and you have access to cold water and showers whenever you want, think how your furry little friend must be feeling. Summer heat can make a dog or cat miserable and lead to unusual and sometimes aggressive behavior. If the heat is starting to rise in your area follow some safety tips that will keep your pets cool.

Water – It seems simple enough but you’d be surprised how many pets get dehydrated in the summer. Cats and dogs need water in the summer to stay hydrated and prevent fatigue. If they don’t have access to fresh, clean drinking water then a very hot day can become a very dangerous one. Chances are you have to leave your pet at home when you go to work so always remember to have several water options for your pet, indoors and outdoors, so he can stay hydrated while you’re gone.

Avoid Bad Situations – Summer is a great time to go out and join crowds at concerts, fairs, cook-outs and parties. While this is a fun time for you it might not be the ideal environment for a pet dog or cat. These types of gatherings can lead to an animal feeling claustrophobic, overheated and dizzy. When pets are hot they don’t want to be pet, jostled with or pushed. Use common sense when deciding if you should take your pet to a crowded place. Whether it’s in the city or on a beach you need to be careful not to put your pet in a precarious position.

Monitor Sun Exposure – Like humans, too much time in the sun can be bad for a pet’s health. Hot days mixed with prolonged exposure to intense UV rays can cause a pet dog or cat to feel dizzy, disoriented, fatigued and ill. You will probably notice your pet acting strange and perhaps lethargic. Be careful when you approach a dog that has been in the sun too long. Even if you know your dog to be docile and friendly the heat can make him do irrational things and you need to be prepared for a sudden action. 

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