Monday, September 9, 2013

Keep your Pets safe this Fall

Caring for pets is a year round job but certain seasons in New England present unique hazards. Summer has the heat and winter is quite cold, but autumn can also be a dangerous time for pets if you are not careful. The presence of wild critters known to carry rabies including raccoon's and skunks, the growth of potentially toxic wild mushrooms and pesticide sprays around a home can all be very dangerous for a dog or cat. At the Middletown Vet we want your pet to be as safe as possible so we offer some helpful tips for keeping your furry friend healthy.

Fall brings the growth of several potentially toxic plants. Chrysanthemum, Meadow Saffron and a variety of wild mushrooms can be very harmful for a dog or cat if ingested. You will know your pet has eaten a harmful plant if he displays the following symptoms: stumbling, skin inflammation, vomiting and diarrhea. Watch closely for these signs and also do your best to remove mushrooms from your yard.

When the weather starts to get chilly wild animals will seek refuge in homes, basements and garages. This can mean raccoon's, skunks and squirrels encroaching on your property. While these critters are not known for aggressive behavior, an encounter with your pet can turn into a fight and if the animal is carrying rabies your cat or dog can be in trouble. Be proactive by ensuring your home does not have any easy access spots for wild animals and if a raccoon or skunk is in the house contact a professional animal removal specialist.

In addition to small critters your home may also be invaded by rats and mice looking to get out of the cold. 
Many homeowners will have their foundations sprayed with pesticides to kill off these rodents but these chemicals can be harmful to your pet if inhaled or ingested. Always have your dog or cat out of the home when a spraying is done and ask the pest control specialist when it is safe for pets to enter the home again after spraying is done.